ABOUT Lucia Studios

Lucia Studios is a full-service digital photography production studio built & refined to specifically cater to both start-up & larger growing enterprises’ needs.  Blending both our expertise in modern technologies and our passion for creativity, our skilled team is able to create brand enhancing visual content while also providing a comprehensive service experience for our clients.  We strive to ensure that we are constantly evolving with the ever-changing photography & advertising industries, and maintain our place ahead of the curve and pushing the limits for what is possible. 


Our Beliefs

  • Field a seasoned team with years of experience, well-versed in the art of brining products to life, and creating content that will help our clients stand out from the competition.
  • Produce everything in-house and offer customized end-to-end services to meet whatever our clients needs may be, all with the utmost convenience.
  • Use a simple, transparent, all-inclusive pricing model with no hidden fees, allowing our clients to maximize the production while staying within budget.
  • Offer industry-leading turn-around time, ensuring our clients always make their deadlines, even at the last minute.
  • Scale efficiently and effectively to create high quality, detail-rich content on a consistent basis, whether for a start-up or an industry leader, so our clients can be sure that everything on your site will flow seamlessly together.